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PostSubject: Statistics   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:21 am

The statistics system is simple, there are 2 sections. In each section, you can only have 11 points in total with 1-6 points limit for each stat.

You may only have in one stat, a 6 point stat, for example, STR - 6; you cannot have another stat with 6 points once you have one filled.

Section 1 - Natural Abilities, 11 points in total

STR (Strength) determines how strong you character is and how much damage they can deal.
The scale for how much damage:-
1 - Is as strong as a defenseless puppy
2 - Maximum damage done is bruises
3 - Average; a human's potential usually, is able to break bones if given enough time, can cause fractures and such
4 - Above Average; Easier to break bones, twice the strength of an average human.
5 - Beast; Enough strength to break bones like slicing bread. A normal punch can nearly break bones
6 - General Capability; With two fingers and a slight push, can cause fractures. A push can break bones and damage muscles easily.

INT (Intellect, Intelligence) determines how well you can stratergise, formulate plans and ideas. It also tests your general knowledge
1 - Like that of a wild animal, can't think, only instinct
2 - Enough to think about females or males, is an airhead
3 - Average Human Intellect; can perform ok stratergies but under stress or in a fight is usually instinct
4 - Above Average;

DEF (Natural Resistance) determines how much damage / disease your character can withstand, including magic attacks.
1 - As brittle as glass, on lifeline
2 - Enough to survive diseases, is as weak as a child
3 - Average; a human's potential resistance to damage and disease, has moderate level of withstanding pain
4 - Above Average; can withstand strong diseases and can recover quickly from injuries, will feel less pain from an attack
5 - Beast; Punching a character with this level of DEF won't be such a good idea, it will hurt, causing fractures, can heal very quickly from injuries, can survive major diseases that usually put people in bed or kill. Barely feels any pain at all
6 - General Capability; Arrows and Canons cannot penetrate the skin, let alone do any harm. Normal attacks won't do anything. Pain is an alien emotion

Section 2

MAG (Magicks) determines how well you can perform magicks and what level you of magicks you can perform

SPD (Speed) determines how fast you can move, along with how agile you are.

DEX (Dexterity) determines how well you can handle weapons, how skilled you are in fighting with weapons.
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