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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:53 pm

The following rules are to be followed. Please notice that if anyone violates any of the rules regarding Dissidia forums will be given a warning or a ban depending on the offense. Thank you!

1. No Flaming

Flaming is considered anything that is said or done to insult another member. All members are to be treated fairly. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. If there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, please talk to a moderator. If you are caught flaming, then you will get an immediate warning, if flaming is directed toward a staff member you may be banned. Attempting to start drama will not be tolerated.

2. No Discrimination

This is similar to flaming, but is not aimed at a particular person or social group, but towards an entire race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Discrimination is a serious offense and will lead you a warning, or possible banning. Again, think before you post.

3. No Alternate Accounts [only for spam bots]

IP's are provided to us once you have posted. This will be checked to verify that you do not have multiple accounts. Attempting to do this will result in a ban. If there is a circumstance where you think your IP may show up for different accounts, contact us FIRST, so we are aware of the situation. This offense will result in an immediate ban. There will be NO WARNINGS.

4. No Impersonation

Impersonation means trying to be someone else. This isn't allowed on this forum and you will be banned without prior notice.

5. Must Credit

Do not steal other people's work and post them on this forum as your own. If you find something cool, that you'd like to share, you must credit the OP (Original Poster) in the post. Stealing information and calling it your own will not be tolerated.

6. Posting Links

We ask that before posting a link that you check with an admin or moderator. Reason being is so that we can check to make sure you are not sharing links that may contain a key logger or any type of virus, or posting a link that will ask for personal information or information regarding your account. We want our members to be safe. If you want to post a link, make sure you ask the moderator for permission regarding the links.
Approved links: YouTube, Twitter, Imageshack, Facebook, Imgur, Servingimg...

7. Asking for Positions

Please do not request to be added to the staff. If we'd like to bring you on board, we will contact YOU. Do not attempt to "self moderate" the forum. Trying to prove what a great mod you'd make by in fact acting like one will have the opposite effect. When the time for staff expansion arrives, members will be contacted via PM.

8. Our Content

If we find that you have copied anything from this forum onto your site without providing the proper credit, we will ask you to remove it. If you don't, we will ban your IP address from this forum and we will contact your host about this. Our members put a lot of effort into our original content. Please respect this. Feel free to tell others about things here, but DO NOT copy it and use it as your own.

9. No Spamming

Please keep Spam to a minimum. Spam consists of posts such as "ok" and "lol". To not be considered spam, your post must be longer than 5 characters and on role play topics your post must contain at least 2 lines of legitimate words (special cases may apply). Please do not promote your website or your store, we will only allow Affiliations. This also includes other sites that are not sponsors of Dissidia. If you'd like to do that, contact an Admin and we will see about allowing you to promote here. Flooding members PM boxes with spam is also not tolerated.

10. Baiting

Anyone posting conversations that were done via PM or IM will be warned. These conversations are private for a reason. This can also be considered baiting by posting a conversation with the goal of starting something. Jokes are fine but it's not tolerable to bait someone for the sake of proving a point or adding drama.

11. Topics to Avoid

Politics, Religion and Drugs are off limits. These topics will be deleted immediately, and the author will be warned. Please abide by this. People tend to have strong feelings about these topics, and they often lead to flame wars. Do not post about any kind of illegal activities.

12. Content/Pictures

Nude pictures, pornography, or links to like material are NOT ALLOWED. There are plenty of places to go to find this stuff on the internet, this is not one of them. Please keep all pictures posted within these limits. Any graphic content or offensive material is NOT ALLOWED. Please use good judgment on this. If you post something that the staff feels is violating this rule, the post will be removed and you will be issued a warning.

13. Respect

Swearing and cursing to each other will do nothing but get you in trouble. If you have an issue with a staff/member, take it to PM, but keep it respectful. You may not always agree with a decision, and that is fine. The staff has a job to do, please let them do it. The staff deserves your respect. Disrespecting a mod or admin will get you warned, even banned. Members are not allowed to post messages from banned or suspended members.

Slang talk, language, swearing between each other as mates is accepted but keep it tolerated and on board. Otherwise further actions will be taken. No racial talks, unless both parties are ok with it, but please try to limit yourself.

As a member of this community, it is understood that you have read and agreed to these rules. Please remember that these are put in place to help keep Dissidia fun for you, the members.

Have fun,
Dissidia Staff
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Forum Rules
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